Silicone Cum-Thru Barbell Penis Plug

Penis Plug

Price 21.00EUR
Many men are discovering the joys of urethral play. This silicone cum-thru penis plug gives the comfort of silicone with the appeal and stimulation of a plug. The plug is able to bend for maximum comfort and uses twin barbells for easy retrieval. The thru-hole is particularly useful for ejaculation or urination purposes. Silicone Cum-Thru Barbell Penis Plug Specs/Benefits:   Approximate Measurements
Overall Length: 49mm
Insertable Length: 38mm
Insertable Width: 8mm   Material: Silicone Contours to fit comfortably in the urethral cavity Twin barbells allow for easy retrieval Thru-hole allows for ejaculation/urination  

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