Juicy Cum Thru Penis Plug

Penis Plug

Hell's Couture
Price 24.50EUR

The Juicy Cum Thru Surgical Steel Penis plug is sure to get you going at 120mm overall length, 100mm insertable and 11mm at its widest.  Smooth finish with delicatedly tapered and bulbed shaft.

You will not be disappointed with the exquisite sensations your urethra will experience. This is a premium male sex toy designed for the ultimate in male sounding stimulation.


The biggest range of fetish and bondage gear is owned by Hell’s Couture. They produce myriad of unique pieces across ranges such as leather wear, leather restraints to steel sex toys including penis plugs, metal restraints, steel butt plugs and a host of kink gear in between. If you’re looking for something new, something kinkier than what you have, then you can be guaranteed that Hell’s couture is going to have exactly what you’re after.