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Penis Plugs Europe is a site dedicated to the lovers of Urethral Insertions in all their shapes and forms. With over 100 varieties of the best penis plugs on the market you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product at the right price. We are here ready to serve all our European customers and all the items displayed here are in stock now - ready to ship. When you specialize in penis plugs you get very good at picking the best types and styles from across the globe. Finding interesting objects for you to insert into your urethra for sensational pleasures. There are not 10's of thousands of men and women across Europe getting into Urethral Sex Toys - find out why. (read more)
Find out what some of the penis plug users say and join our insertion community -
'In February this Year I saw a picture of a penisplug and I thought, is this possible to do. So I bought one and I tried it. The first time it was a little painfully but I kept one doing it. The first one was a 6 mm. stainless steel and I gradually use a bigger one till now I wear a 10 mm. silicone penisplug and I like it very much to do.'
'I have several and try to wear them as often as possible including all night. My favs are one I have with indentations all along the shaft, no thru hole, and one with a long rubber or plastic tube with a metal end inside, with thru hole. I love 'playing' with them, moving them around with my muscles down there, left and right, up and down, in and out. I wore the plastic one with metal glans ring thru airport security. Enjoy!'
'I bought one several months ago (Master Series ***-Thru). I'm not well-endowed and was never able to get it in. I finally decided to do a bit of grinding and polishing, got the diameter down a bit, and it eventually "popped" in. Was a little painful coming back out but now it goes in and out nicely. Now I'm trying to see how long I can wear it. As I'm not into piercing, this is as close to body jewelry as I'\m ever going to get. Quite a turn-on!'
'I love wearing penis plugs. It has become a passion of mine over the past few months. I enjoy wearing them for long periods of time. Typically overnight or throughout the weekend. I have a 2", 3/16 solid PA look. A 2.5", 1/4 thru-hole, and a 3", 3/16" solid PA look. I want to invest into some more plugs soon, 2.25 thru-hole, a 4" or 5" solid, & maybe some sounding rods.
The longest i ever wore a plug was about 90 hours. 2" for the first three days and the 3" for the the fourth day at home. Inserted 3" w/ 2" already inside for continuity. I plug daily now. I get home from work, grab a beer, and then plug, and wear it overnight or over the weekend. It creates erotic sensations occasionally, almost like small internal *******. Other times, it's so comfortable that I forget it's there.'
'As I sit here this evening I have had the Barbell plug I purchased a while back inserted now for about 24 hours. Heck for a while today I wasn't even thoinking about that it was in and when I needed to go to the restroom, that was when I realized that I still had it in and had not even thought having it in. I had put in in when I went to bed last night, and I had even gotten up this morning gotten dressed and had been at school for about 4 hours before I had to take a restroom break and found it was still in. Now after a full day in place I am still having absolutely no discomfort at all.'
So give penis plugs a go Europe. Unique Sensations will be experienced from the new erogenous zone.
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