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Hunkyjunk DUO Linked Cock/Ball Rings Cobalt

Hunkyjunk Two Linked C-rings With Multiple Uses

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Product Description

DUO rings are a hunkyjunk original! Nobody's done this before! We made a chain-link style set of interlocked rings for guys that like double grip around their junk for extra "hunkier junk"! These super-rubbery silicone blend rings are smooth and soft when used as a double c-ring without being too tight. We made 'em feel right!

Or, flip one ring down to grip your ballsack. It's all connected so any movement transmits to your ballsack!

Hunkyjunk innovation for DUO: Each ring is a different size, the customer can wear multiple ways. Our plus+silicone TPR/silicone blend feels smooth and warm, velvety like silicone+strong and stretchy like TPR.



Width: 2.25" Height: 2.25" Depth: .5" Outer circumference: 6.75" Inner Circumference: 3.75"


Width: 2.5" Height: 2.5" Depth: .5" Outer circumference: 7.5" Inner Circumference: 4.5"