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Kneel Nose to Genitals Kneeling Clamps

A versatile chain set, the Kneel Nose to Genitals Kneeling Clamps Set is designed to keep the wearer either kneeling or on their back.

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Product Description

These heavy-duty clamps feature a dangling ring at their base that affords you countless bondage options. Let the rings hang and jingle as your sub moves around. Attach a chain from one ring to another that will swing with their movements and provide a slight tug, or a set of hanging weights for even more of a pull. The rings are perfect for attaching independent ropes or chains to create any nipple torture setup that you can imagine.

Measurements: Chain is 14 inches in length. Clamps open from 0 to .8 inches in width. Material: Metal Color: Silver Note: Clamps can be disconnected from chain for independent use.