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Chinese Zodiac Cock Cage - Ox

Having great patience and a desire to make progress, Oxes can achieve their goals by consistent effort and a male chastity device pays dividends.

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Product Description

Chinese zodiac animals have lucky meanings. Chinese people associate each animal sign with certain characteristics. It's believed that people born in a given year have the personality of that year's animal. Click the animal signs below to learn more about each zodiac animal.

Having an honest nature, Oxes are known for diligence, dependability, strength and determination. These reflect traditional conservative characteristics.  Women Oxes are traditional, faithful wives, who attach great importance to their children's education.

Now encase your manhood with the Rat and unleash its powers.

Chinese Zodiac Cock Cage - Ox

Material: Metal Color: Golden/Silver Size: 8 * 4 cm/3.2 * 1.6 inch Net Weight: 179 g/0.39 lb/6.3 oz