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At, we believe that intimate exploration knows no bounds. That's why we've curated an exclusive collection of the finest urethral pleasure products that push the boundaries of pleasure.

European Cock Plugs: Elevating Your Pleasure Indulge in a world of intimate sensations with our premium selection of European cock plugs. Crafted with precision and care, these Euro cock plugs cater to every desire, ensuring an unparalleled journey into pleasure. From sleek and slender designs to more elaborate creations, our European cock plugs are meticulously crafted to satisfy the desires of both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

European Urethral Toys: The Epitome of Intimacy Uncover the epitome of intimacy with our range of European urethral toys. Each product is a testament to sophistication, pleasure, and safety. Explore new realms of sensation with our meticulously curated Euro urethral toys, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Beyond Pleasure: Your Comfort and Safety Matters At, your comfort and safety are paramount. We understand the intimate nature of urethral play, which is why we offer a wide variety of safe urethral toys and medical sounds. Our premium quality urethral stimulation tools are thoughtfully designed to prioritize your well-being while providing unmatched pleasure.

Your Journey, Your Store: Penis Plugs Europe Welcome to the ultimate European urethral play store. We're not just a retailer; we're your gateway to a world of unique penis plugs and urethral pleasure accessories. Our affordable pricing ensures that you can embark on a journey of discovery without compromise.

View our range of male genital accessories catering for the urethral play enthusiast.Embrace the endless possibilities of urethral exploration. Discover unique designs, premium quality, and an unwavering commitment at the European urethral play store. Your journey into pleasure begins here.

Being one of the largest suppliers in the world for European Penis Plugs, this site was created as a platform to supply cock plugs, penis insert and urethral toys for those that are into or interested in CBT play. Whether you are into stretching or dilating the urethra with sounds or just enjoying sizzling sensations created with the use of cock plugs, penis wands and urethral sounds you will find information and products that will satisfy your desires.

Why At this site we will provide information on and links to safe urethral play providing you with the highest quality products. This enables you to feel safe and secure with the product you are inserting into your body. With a quality assurance that they are of the highest grade, specifications and design. All steel products displayed are built to last, finished to a smooth shiny finish, easy to clean. They can be heated or cooled for additional effect. With proper care they will not rust and can last a life-time giving pleasures beyond belief.

The European penis plugs site is specifically set up to service all our European customers from Germany, Holland, Ireland, England, United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, France, Holland, Netherlands, Italy and other EU countries with their urethral play equipment. Shipping is completely track-able from point of dispatch to address of destination.

Why a cock plug? The simple answer is, it is different things to different people. Many men enjoy the sensations of inserting a silky smooth piece of steel into their urethra and then gently stroking it whilst inserted to increase their masturbating joy. Others enjoy the restriction that a sperm stopper will give in restricting the flow of sperm whilst ejaculating – often referred to as the ‘inside out’ cumming experience. And others still enjoy participating in urethral dilation which literally is expanding the size of the urethral opening.

Gone are the days when this form of sexual enjoyment was considered a strange, taboo or uncommon fetish. More and more men (and women) are turning to urethral inserts to incorporate into their sex play or enhance their solo erotic sessions. Boost your sexual experiences and try something new and exciting with this incredible range of sex toys ready to ignite your kinky passions.